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5 String Resonator - 5 String Open Back

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Below is a list of new banjos currently in stock or on order. Our prices are competitive and will be quoted on request.

 What's New in Banjos

5 String Resonator Banjos

Bishline Cimarron. Walnut neck with fancy walnut resonator; satin finish. A great bluegrass banjo for a very reasonable price. This one has been upgraded with Bishline's wooden armrest. Pics

Bishline Clermont; maple
. This is the first time we've had this model, and it really is an impressive banjo. The workmanship is flawless, as it always is with Rob's banjos, and it has tone to match its beauty. Pics

Bishline Harvest.
This new model has a lot of features for the money, including an amber wheat stained, curly maple neck, resonator and armrest. The neck has gunstock oil finish and a bound peghead, while the resonator has a high gloss finish. Tuners are Gotoh with amber buttons, and it has Bishline’s full weight tone ring on a three-ply rim. 

Bishline Midnight Moon. Maple with walnut binding. Rob Bishline has outdone himself on this model. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and innovative banjos you'll see at any price. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is it! As with all of Rob’s banjos, the workmanship is impeccable. And, it sounds great. Pics

Bishline Patriot. Walnut neck, with a burl walnut resonator and satin finish. Ebony fingerboard with black binding. Three ply maple rim and a tone hoop. This American-made light-weight banjo is ideal for anybody suffering with back problems. It sounds great, and has a little less volume than a banjo with a  heavy metal ring. Incidentally, any standard bluegrass type tone ring can be fitted to the rim, if the new owner decides to do so at a later date. Pics

Bishline Rosemary. This attractive banjo features a quilted mahogany resonator and flamed maple binding on the neck, resonator and headstock. Like all of Rob Bishline's banjos, the workmanship is wonderful; sounds great too! Pics

Deering Artisan Goodtime Special. This new model  has a maple fingerboard with pearloid inlays, maple rim, and Deering's new steel tone ring. Great sound, and a neat looking banjo! Pics

Deering Calico. Curly maple wood with honey stain. Multi-color neck and resonator purfling. Deering's 06 bell bronze tone ring. This is a very attractive banjo; sounds great also! Pics

Deering Deluxe with fancy inlays. Mahogany. Look what Deering has done; they’ve upgraded the Deluxe with beautiful and classy fingerboard and peghead inlays without raising the price a penny. This is a whole lot of banjo for the money! Pics

Deering Eagle II. This new Deering model has a newly designed brass tone ring, a maple neck and resonator with a dark red mahogany stain and glossy finish, fancy inlays, and bracket and shoe construction. This is a very impressive banjo for the price! Pics

Deering Sierra. Mahogany. Deering Sierra. Mahogany. Deering is behind on production, and this is the first mahogany Sierra we've had for quite a while. Actualy we just received two of them. I imagine they won't last long, so if you've been looking for one, don't wait too long. These have the new inlay design, and I think it is a great improvement over the previous Sierra banjo from a visual viewpoint. It has the same tone ring, flange, rim, etc. as many of the the more expensive Deering models. Pics

Deering Sierra in maple. We ordered this one with the same finish that Deering uses on their John Hartford model. Pics

Deering Terry Baucom. This model features a combination of a lighter weight tone ring and Deering’s new red maple rim, giving the banjo great tone and excellent volume. The neck and resonator are made of straight grained walnut. Congratulations Deering; we’re very impressed! Pics

Deering Terry Baucom; special price. Pics

Nechville Custom. This spectacular instrument is a wonderful example of the custom work the craftsmen at Nechville are capable of doing. Made of curly maple, it has a holly and vine inlay on the peghead and fingerboard, with red berries at the normal inlay positions. Maple and multi-color Christmas tree binding adorns the neck and resonator. Other options include bound peghead, EVO frets, Corona frame, and a 40-hole flathead tone ring. And yes, it does sound as good as it looks. Pics

To see a YouTube clip of Tom Nechville playing a tune on this banjo, click here:


Nechville XXX. Only thirty of Nechville's 30th anniversary banjo were built. We purchased seven of them, and this is the last one. Features include custom inlay, EVO frets, smoke chrome hardware, and amber tuner buttons. Maple wood with Nebula Northern Lights black finish. Of course it has a radiused fingerboard, tunneled fifth string, and a special 30-hole cyclotronic tone ring. This is a really stunning banjo, and the pics don't come close to doing it justice! Pics

Nechville Classic DLX. Maple. If you love the playability and tone of a Phantom but want a more traditional look, here it is. It has a radiused fingerboard with a regular 5th string peg, and Nechville's cyclotronic tone ring. Pics

Nechville Classic Deluxe with sapele neck and mahogany resonator. This is the perfect banjo for someone who loves the unique Nechville construction, but wants a more traditional appearance than the Phantom. It has a radiused fingerboard with a regular 5th string peg, and Nechville's cyclotronic tone ring. We love the look of the sapele wood! Pics

Nechville Flex-Tone. This, Nechville's newest model, is much different than other banjos from this maker. It features a traditional pot assembly with a one-piece flange, three-ply rim and 20-hole flathead tone ring. The neck has Nechville's Classic inlay on a flat fingerboard. The banjo normally comes with just NECHVILLE on the peghead; we had them add a custom inlay. The neck and resonator are maple. As with all Nechvilles, the neck is easily adjustable and can be removed quickly for travel. The handmade wooden armrest is extremely comfortable; try it and you'll want one on each of your banjos. Most importantly is the sound. It has excellent volume, with great tone and consistency up and down the neck. I was extremely impressed and you probably will be also. All in all, this is a great banjo and a real bargain for the price! Pics

Nechville Flex-Tone in mahogany. Pics

Nechville Phantom in maple with Anter inlay. When I received the first Phantom with this inlay, I commented that "it looks wonderful. Hopefully I'll be able to keep one in stock, but I have a feeling it won't last long." It lasted less than a week. Since then I've received three more that sold quickly. When you see and play it you'll know why. Like all Phantoms, it has a radiused fingerboard, tunneled fifth string, and Nechville's cyclotronic tone ring. Pics

Nechville Phantom with quilted mahogany wood and Antler inlay. This was another custom order, and it really is stunning! Pics

Nechville Phantom in mahogany. It has the popular Galaxy inlay, radiused fingerboard, and tunneled fifth string. It also has Nechville's cyclotronic tone ring. Pics

Nechville Phantom in maple. This is one of my favorite banjos. As a matter of fact, I own one myself, and love it. You only need to play one to find out why. It has the optional Galaxy inlay, radiused fingerboard, and tunneled fifth string. It also has Nechville's cyclotronic tone ring. Pics

Nechville Phantom with Cascade inlay. The banjo is maple and has a radiused fingerboard, tunneled fifth string, and Nechville's cyclotronic tone ring. The Cascade inlay is really neat! Danger: if you play a Phantom you’ll want to own one. Pics

Nechville Phantom. I custom ordered this with a quilted mahogany resonator, offset stars inlay, and Nechville's new Padauk wood tone ring. You won't believe how good this banjo sounds, and it only weighs seven pounds! Pics

Nechville Phantom in maple with off-set dot inlay. Like all Phantoms, it has a radiused fingerboard, tunneled fifth string, and, of course, Nechville's cyclotronic tone ring. Pics

Nechville Phantom with offset dot inlay in mahogany. Pics

Nechville "Steel Rails" custom.
This one-of-a-kind custom banjo was made to order for a customer who, ultimately, was not able to complete the purchase. The wood is maple, with cocobolo binding. The inlay utilizes four types of mother-of-pearl, two types of metal, six colors of reconstituted stone. The result is a real showpiece. It has Nechville's wooden tone ring, but a metal ring can be installed in a matter of minutes. This is unquestionably one of the neatest banjos we have had in the shop in many years!  The list price was $8600; our price is quite a bit less. Pics

Ome Odyssey. Maple with nickel hardware. HG-50 flathead tone ring. Amber tuner buttons. This is a beautiful banjo, and it sounds as good as it looks! Of course it was built with Ome's always-outstanding quality. Pics


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5 String Open Back Banjos

Bart Reiter Buckbee.
This is the most recent addition to Bart's line and, like all his banjos, it is very nice. Features include walnut neck with frailing scoop, guitar-shaped peghead, 11" maple rim, and a rolled brass tone ring. Pics

Bart Reiter Round Peak. This 12" pot banjo features a mahogany neck with brown satin lacquer finish and scooped fingerboard, and a rolled brass tone ring. Pics

Bishline Okie with 11" pot. Bishline's new openback banjo is a real winner! Made of mahogany, with a Dobson style tone ring and a two-ply maple rim, it features brass hardware on the pot and Gotoh tuning pegs. As with all of Rob Bishline's banjos, the quality is outstanding. Pics

Deering -- see our Deering openbacks in the Vega section below.

Nechville Atlas with 11" pot.  This openback banjo has a great sound, and lends itself well to clawhammer and three finger picking styles. It features a walnut neck with a hand rubbed oil finish, and a block rim/tone ring, with a built-in wooden flange. When Nechville introduced the Atlas, we wrote the review for Banjo Newsletter. If interested in reading what we wrote, just email us. Pics

Nechville Atlas with 12" pot. This is identical to the 11" Atlas, except for the pot size. Pics

Nechville Atlas with Whyte Laydie tone ring.  The Atlas normally comes with a wooden tone ring, but we persuaded Tom Nechville to build this one with a Whyte Laydie ring. It has great tone, plenty of volume, and lends itself to all types of picking styles. It features a walnut neck with a hand rubbed oil finish, and a block rim/tone ring, with a built-in wooden flange. 11" pot. Pics

Old Fiddle Road A Scale with 11" pot. Mahogany neck, Macassar ebony fingerboard, and maple rim/tone ring. The neck has a two-way adjustable truss rod. French polish finish. Scale length is 23" and nut width is 1.35". A scale banjos are fun to play, and this one sounds great! -- Pics

Recording King California. This neat banjo features a walnut neck with maple skunk stripe, dual coordinator rods, and a no-knot tailpiece. The workmanship is great, and it is a lot of banjo for the money! -- Pics

Vega Little Wonder by Deering. If you are looking for an American made openback banjo for not a lot of money, this might be just the thing. Features include maple neck with satin finish, 3-ply rim, adjustable truss rod, and a hardshell case. The banjo has a clear, bright tone with a surprising amount of volume, so it is suitable for finger picking or frailing. Pics

Deering White Oak with 12" pot. This new model has a 3-ply oak pot and a natural oak neck. Neat Griffin on peghead. It is also available with an 11" pot. Deering gave a seminar at my shop and those played it were quite impressed with the sound! Pics

Wildwood Custom. This neat banjo has a wooden tone ring. The neck is wenge with maple/purple heart stringers. Wenge rim. Curly maple binding, and purple heart pot cap. Very neat, with tone to match! Pics

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