Nechville Flex-Tone. This, Nechville's newest model, is much different than other banjos from this maker. It features a traditional pot assembly with a one-piece flange, three-ply rim and 20-hole flathead tone ring. The neck has Nechville's Classic inlay on a flat fingerboard. The banjo normally comes with just NECHVILLE on the peghead; we had them add a custom inlay. The neck and resonator are mahogany.  As with all Nechvilles, the neck is easily adjustable and can be removed quickly for travel. The handmade wooden armrest is extremely comfortable; try it and you'll want one on each of your banjos. Most importantly is the sound. It has excellent volume, with great tone and consistency up and down the neck. I was extremely impressed and you probably will be also. All in all, this is a great banjo and a real bargain for the price!




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