Unique (One-of-a-Kind) Stelling Black Stag (No. 5415)
Please note: This banjo belongs to a long-time customer and friend in Canada, and the description and pictures are presented here as he sent them to me.  I am listing it here strictly as a favor to him. If interested, contact me and I'll put you in touch with hjim.

 To my knowledge, this is the only one ever made. It was purchased new in 2002 through Turtle Hill Banjo Co. Since then it has been played less than a few hours; it is 100% original, and is in immaculate condition. It has been treated as a piece of art (i.e. too nice to play). The wear on the head is due to a sub-standard coating. Geoff Stelling send me a new head that I never installed. A cloth cover (Cozynator) has been on the resonator since the day I received it, and like the rest of the banjo it is in factory new condition. Details of the banjo are as follows:

 Gorgeous flame birch neck and resonator
Radiused ebony fingerboard
Abalone/ebony trim along neck, heel and resonator
Abalone fingerboard inlays, with Black Stag engraved on the 19th fret inlay
Abalone truss rod cover engraved “Bucky” (@ my request)
Gold plated resonator screws - abalone inlay
Gold plated brackets

Gold plated “Stelling” tuning pegs
Gold plated rim rods
Gold plated tailpiece screws
Black Chrome metal with etching on all metal parts
Tony Pass “Lost Forest” block rim (birch)
Original Stelling hard case
Leather “Folk of the Wood” banjo strap included
New GHS “light” strings installed Nov., 2018 / fretboard and bridge oiled lightly with lemon oil

Price: $7,700.00 USD. Buyer pays shipping and assumes responsibility for the banjo once it leaves my care. To my knowledge, it can only be insured for about $1,000.00 during shipping from Canada. I have shipped several banjos in the past without incident.





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