Dave's Personal Banjos

Nechville Phantom

I've been a dealer for Tom's banjos for many years, and have always been impressed with their innovative construction. I realized that every time a new Phantom arrived, I would keep taking it out and playing it. So, I had Tom build one for me. It has great tone, and the combination of a tunneled fifth string and radiused fingerboard make it extremely easy to play. Click here for pictures

New Recording King

This is one of the three prototypes of the new Recording King banjo. The production models have a different finish, but are otherwise the same in appearance. This one was hand built by master craftsman Scott Zimmerman about a year before the production banjos were released. I like everything about it! Many thanks to Greg and Steve at The Music Link. Click here for pictures

Larry Sifel Banjo

This banjo was made by Larry Sifel of The Pearl Works in 1991. It's the last hand inlaid instrument made by him. This banjo is not for sale. Click here for pictures