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Because of my advanced age, I have decided to sell my collection of banjo ukuleles, consisting of all but a couple of the instruments pictured on this site, plus the site itself.

Many of the instruments featured here are extremely rare and virtually never offered for sale to the public.

This is a unique opportunity for the serious collector.

Details on request.

Welcome to the Banjo Ukulele Haven! This site is devoted to the banjo ukulele (also referred to as the banjo uke, banjo ukulele, banjolele, or banjulele). As time permits we will expand the site, adding information about the companies that manufactured banjo ukes and providing more pictures of interesting instruments. Our goal is for this site to be a source of information for those interested in collecting banjo ukes or learning about them. Your thoughts, suggestions, and even criticisms are welcomed.The scope of this site is limited to banjo ukes manufactured in America, and modern instruments are not included. However, it should be noted that the instrument was (and still is) very popular in England, and many excellent banjo ukes were made in that country.
We are always interested in buying banjo ukes. If you have one that you might consider parting with, please contact us to discuss it. We will also be happy to try to answer any questions you might have concerning banjo ukes.

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