Dave's Links

Here are some of my favorite people and websites:

Nechville's new wood /metal tone ring


Palm Tree Ukuleles -- John Ramsey not only makes beautiful ukes, but also owns a great music store in Colorado Springs (good banjo player, too).

Scott Zimmerman - Desert Rose -- Custom built bluegrass banjos

Tony Pass Banjo Rims - The best banjo rims on the planet!

Four String Banjo

Plectrum Banjo Lessons


Capital Area Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association -- (CABOMA) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving and promoting bluegrass and old-time music.


Ancient Spirit Music

Rickie Simpkins

Luthier Repairs, Conversion Necks and great bridges!

Acoustic Box - Richie Dotson is located near Richmond, Virginia. He does really good repair work on string instruments, and also builds great banjo necks, bridges, etc. I highly recommend him!